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Cover Letter For Faxing Documents Overseas


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Fax & Email Guidelines

Whenever possible, we recommend that you reach out to voters directly by fax or email.

General Instructions When Faxing or Emailing a Voter:

  • Include all appropriate absentee balloting materials (e.g., affirmation/signature form, voted ballot return instructions, etc.).
  • Include contact information for your office: email address, phone/fax numbers and mailing address.
  • Some governmental email addresses (i.e., .mil) have security settings that do not allow for the inclusion of an attachment. Therefore, if a link can be created that leads the voter to an attachment, this can assist with getting your message through Department of Defense securities. If you can get a personal email address for military and overseas voters, you should not have this problem.

Additional Email Instructions:

  • Ensure that the file name of the attached ballot does not contain any spaces or special characters except hyphen (-) and underscore (_).
  • Note: The most commonly available file format for email attachments is Portable Document Format (PDF).

DoD Fax Service

Our DoD Fax Service allows election officials to transmit and receive election materials via toll-free fax to/from Service members, their eligible family members and overseas citizens.

LEO Transmission Cover Sheet-Out Bound to Voters

Election Officials should use this fax transmission cover sheet as a cover sheet when faxing or emailing election materials to voters.

Voter Transmission Cover Sheet-In Bound From Voters

Voters should use this fax transmission cover sheet as a cover sheet when faxing or emailing election materials back to their local election office.

DISCLAIMER: The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) provides an Electronic Transmission Service (ETS) to assist you with transmitting your election materials. FVAP does not guarantee the acceptance or processing of your materials by your election official. As a user of this service, we encourage you to contact your election official directly to verify whether your information was received.