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Origins Of The Russian Revolution Dbq Essay


AP World HistoryDBQ: Origins of the Russian Revolution

Using the following documents, write an answer to the question:What were significant political and economic principles that contributed to the Russian Revolution?What additional kind of document(s) would be most helpful in furthering your analysis?Document #1Vladimir Lenin, Marxist revolutionary and communist politician, 1916 Library of CongressThe Russian proletariat learned its first steps in the political circumstances created by a despotic state. Strikes forbidden by law, underground circles, illegal proclamations, street demonstrations, encounters with the police and with troops ± such was the school created by the combination of a swiftly developing capitalism with an absolutism slowly surrenderingits positions. The concentration of the workers in colossal enterprises, the intense character of governmental persecution,and finally the impulsiveness of a young and fresh proletariat, brought it about that the political strike, so rare in westernEurope, became in Russia the fundamental method of struggle. The figures of strikes from the beginning of the presentcentury are a most impressive index of the political history of Russia.Document #2A delegate at the Samara peasant


, March, 1917Private property should be abolished. All land«should be handed over to the toiling people. Only those who cultivate theland can claim a right to it«I believe that land means freedom. It is wrong to pay the landowners for the land; will we beany better off if we wait for the Constituent Assembly to resolve the land question? In the past, the government decidedthe land question was for us, but their efforts only led us into bondage«The land question should be resolved now, andwe should not put our trust blindly in the political parties.Document #3 Number in thousands of participants in political strikes



1903 87*1904 25*1905 1,8431906 6511907 5401908 931909 81910 41911 81912 5501913 5021914 (first half) 1,0591915 1561916 3101917 (January-February) 575*The figures for 1903 and 1904 refer to all strikes, the economic undoubtedly predominating.

February 10, 2015Period: 01FRQ Essay #1(Compare/Contrast the French Revolution of 178 and theRussian Revolution of 1917 )Two famous revolutions of European history are the Russian Revolution and the French Revolution. The Russian Revolution of 1917 was led by Vladimir Lenin and the French revolution of 1789 was led by Napoleon Bonaparte. The revolutions have many similarities and differences in them both. I think one difference between the two was the outcome of each revolution and two similarities would be the reason behind starting the revolutions along with the goals trying to be achieved with proceeding through the revolution. First of all, a difference in the French Revolution and the Russian Revolution would be the two different outcomes. The outcome of the French Revolution was that the French monarchy was ceased but what they really wanted to happen was to have a government that was on the democracy side. Their government actually became republican which was similar to a representative government. On the other hand though