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J Dilla Instrumental Homework Answers

But this state is not to be confused with passive listening that you might experience in a shopping mall or a restaurant, as they are quite distinct both on how you perceive them, and how they were meant to be perceived. Subjectively, the experience is analogous to that of intentionally blurring your vision when looking at a landscape; you can still be concentrated (or at least aware) on what you are seeing, but you choose to look at the broader formation of colors rather than the details. So by this train of thought, it doesn't matter how long these songs last, whether is 3 minutes or 3 hours, the question is how long can you manage to maintain that state.

Of course this kind of minimal instrumental songs also allow you to completely phase out (like you easily would on a blurred vision), and use them either for studying or background. But it is almost impossible to purely focus on them and maintain that focus, as they instantly slip back to their preferred attention levels. Even if you manage to extensively focus on them, you will be missing the point, and probably get tired rather quickly.

In a nutshell, the beauty of Instrumental Hip-Hop (or any minimal instrumental music for that matter) is its very simplicity, which forces you to step back and perceive the piece as a whole, rather than be blinded by attention grabbing elements. It's definitely easy to completely disregard it, and that is OK, but it isn't merely background or studying music. 

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