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Essay Topic Bangalore City Railway

It has been 150 years since Bangalore appeared on the railway map of India. It was on August 1, 1864 that Jolarpet was connected to Bangalore Cantonment.

According to information provided by South Western Railway, the first train journey in south India took place on May 28, 1856 from Royapuram to Wallajah Road. Eight years later, Madras Railway Company opened the Jolarpettai-Bangalore Cantonment branch line. The Madras-Bangalore Mail was launched the same year.

In 1862, the line reached Renigunta and then to Raichur in 1871.

The Yeshwanthpur-Doddaballapur Meter Gauge line was opened in 1892.

In 1944, the rail network was nationalised. On April 14, 1951, the three major networks administered by the erstwhile Madras and Southern Maratha Railway, the Southern Indian Railway and Mysore State Railway were joined to form Southern Railway.

Due to historical reasons, the headquarters of the erstwhile Mysore State Railway was located in Mysore though Bangalore was the hub of operations. To improve administration and enhance monitoring, Bangalore Division was inaugurated on July 27, 1981.

No rail museum

The city does not have a museum to showcase its rail journey. Till a few weeks ago, memorabilia was being exhibited on Platform One of Bangalore City Railway Station. At present, visitors can go to Platform Five where two galleries exhibit cartoons and paintings related to trains.

The galleries had no visitors on Friday. Staff in both galleries said that visitors show up only when trains are delayed.

Travel experience to Bangalore, the Silicone valley of India

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I recently made my first visit to Bangalore, the Silicone Valley of India. It is the most vibrant city in India and there are lot to see. A few days are not enough to cover the important places of attractions in this city.

This was my first journey outside Bihar and I was very excited. My train was from Patna Junction Station at 6:30 PM. There was a journey of exactly 52 hours as the train was late by 4 hours. My uncle was there to receive me at the Bangalore railway station.

The first thing I noticed after reaching Bangalore was the climate. The climate of Bangalore city was fantastic in the month of May with some rainfall, which was really strange for any North Indian people.

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My uncle came at the railway station with his Hyundai I-20. This was my first experience that someone came to receive me with his car in a station. I was really enjoying every seconds of my life in Bangalore city. After a journey of 35 minutes from the railway station, we reached the apartment. In the house, my aunty and 2-kids were present, awaiting me. As it was quite late at around 11:00 PM, we did not waste our time and went to bed after enjoying my favorite dinner - chicken and rice.

After relaxing for 2 days at my uncle's place, it was the time to have a tour of the Bangalore City. My uncle told me all the details of the places that are mostly visited by everyone who comes to Bangalore for the first time. He also give money and told me the bus routes of all that places.

Places to visit in Bengaluru

The first place I chose to visit was the temple of Lord Krishna, which is present in all the parts of India as well as outside India. The name of that temple is Iskcon, which is a very popular place in Bangalore. The visit was really worth and I really enjoyed a lot there.

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After that I went to famous cricket stadium in Bangalore, which is CHINNASWAMI stadium. It was also a nice place to visit.

Now its time visit the technical places of Bangalore like IISC Bangalore, IIM Bangalore. There is a place called ELECTRONIC CITY in Bangalore were all the top most MNC companies have their offices. So I visited Electronic city as well.

Next in the line was a travel by the Bangalore metro. This was my first experience on a metro train and I really enjoyed a lot.

After spending few days in bangalore, I made a visit to Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh. Tirupati Balaji is a very famous holy place of India and very people got the chance to visit this temple and I was one of them. I went to TIRUPATI BALAJI temple by a tourist bus and it was a journey of more than 8 hours. It was really a tiring journey but I was excited because I could visit the Lord Balaji. It is almost 8 hours in the queue to have a entry in the main temple.